3. The Secret Golden Rule of Video

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Watch the video above... is it easy to get the message?

Your Most-Hated Enemy = Distracting Production

In the video above...

Is the camera really shaky and distracting?

Is it really tough to hear and understand what I'm saying?

Do you have to squint and strain just to see me and my face?

Is the background super messy?

...or do you get to relax and experience this video, simply and easily getting the message?

The Secret Golden Rule of Video = Undistracting Production

Every step along the way you need to be thinking - what might be a distraction to my viewer?

For example, when you are choosing your location, you want to make sure there isn't excessive movement in the background (e.g. people walking by behind you), anything blinking or flashing (e.g. a TV in the background), or a super messy shelf behind you.

When you are preparing yourself, you also want to make sure that your phone(s) are turned off, and that there aren't any beeps from things like Skype or Messenger that will unexpectedly distract you.  And by making sure that you yourself are clear and direct in your message (see Free Lesson #2 for tips on this) people can focus on your message instead of being distracted by YOUR distraction and panic.

The list goes on and on.... ultimately just keep this Secret Golden Rule in mind.... you don't need a million dollar video, produced using million-dollar equipment.... you just need to make sure that you've got a solid message and UNDISTRACTING PRODUCTION.

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